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The idea for Stichting Babypedia first emerged in 2010. A group of new parents had a great deal of urgent questions, despite visits to their child health centre and GP. They struggled to find their way through the enormous amount of information available on- and offline nowadays. Sometimes even discussing the problem together did not provide a solution. The main issue, therefore, is the reliability of information about pregnancy and small children. After all, not all statements which are made are well-grounded. Moreover, policy and regulations change over time. So what to do if you want only the best for your child and family?

We did not understand why this had to happen to every new parent. Children are born all over the world, but everywhere they seem to be dealt with differently. We thought that the knowledge of independent specialists should be offered for free in order to be beneficial to as many new parents as possible. We started Stichting Babypedia to bridge the gap between specialist organisations on one end and new parents on the other. Stichting Babypedia is best described as a place from where you should return a little wiser than when you came.

The idea was applauded by many and various specialists are already supporting the website by acting as sparring partners and by answering questions. For its content the website of Stichting Babypedia depends entirely on its team of volunteers. Slowly but surely the project is taking shape and gathering steam.

But Stichting Babypedia is always looking for more. More facts, more interesting details and more tips and tricks. So if, for example, you know a new way of blowing bubbles, if you know what the active ingredient in violet roots is, if you know how to let children enjoy healthy food, or if you have discovered a mistake on one of our pages, please let us know via info@babypedia.nl. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We wish you pleasant reading and we hope to inspire you.

On behalf of Stichting Babypedia,

Patty Goumans-Nieuwenburg


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