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Healing wool is pure sheep’s wool used to treat diaper rash and sore nipples from breastfeeding.


Sheep wool has been used for centuries for diaper rash because of the airy structure and natural fats present in wool. Wool fat called lanolin protects the sheep from moisture and prevents fragility and dehydration of the wool.


By putting a tuft of healing wool between the baby’s bottom and the diaper, it creates a layer of air in the diaper. As a result, the bottom is not in direct contact with urine in the diaper and it prevents further irritation. Lanolin in the wool has a positive effect on the recovery of the skin.

Healing wool can be used in combination with baby bottom ointment in both washable diapers and disposable diapers.


People who are allergic to wool are usually not allergic to the wool itself, but to pesticides in commercially processed wool. Healing wool is untreated and free of pesticides and therefore it doesn’t cause allergic reactions.

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