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Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal party is a party during which a pregnant woman reveals the sex of her unborn child to the attendees. Gender reveal parties originated in the United States of America and are usually held after the ultrasound test which takes place at 20 weeks pregnancy. The house is decorated in pink and blue and the sex of the unborn baby is revealed in a festive manner.

Description Gender Reveal party

The gender reveal party is organised once it is known whether the mother to be is carrying a boy or a girl. Usually this happens when the mother is twenty weeks pregnant. From the 15th week of the pregnancy it is already possible to determine the sex of the baby with a certain level of certainty. A special ultrasound investigation can be requested for this. Once this is known, the Gender reveal party is organised.

Organising a Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal party is often organised by the parents themselves, as they are the ones who, during the ultrasound, learned the gender of their child. They take care of the decorations and invite family and friends. During the party everyone will get to hear whether the baby is a boy or a girl. This can be revealed in different ways.

Ways to reveal the gender

For most gender reveal parties a gender reveal cake or gender reveal cupcakes are made. The inside of the cake is adjusted to the gender of the child: pink or blue. With the cutting of the cake, or when taking the first bite of a cupcake, all people at the party will know whether it is a boy or a girl. Other ways to reveal the gender are for example fortune cookies with a little piece of paper inside that tells the gender everybody will get a present that is pink or blue and all presents are unwrapped at the same moment a big brother or sister wears a T-shirt saying “It’s a baby sister” or “It’s a baby brother” a big box with pink or blue helium balloons is opened

Surprise for the future parents

Although the gender reveal party is often organised by the future parents, sometimes they want to be surprised themselves and a gender reveal party is organised by a family member. It is also possible to ask the person who does the ultrasound to write the gender on a note that is then put into a closed envelope. The envelope is then given to the member of the family that organises the gender reveal party.

Additional activities

The most important activity during a gender reveal party is the moment of relevation, in which people are notified of the gender of the unborn child. Often there are pink and blue dishes on the table and the house is decorated in both pink and blue colours. Sometimes games are played (guess the gender, guess the name) during a gender reveal party. Also, future parents can be surprised with presents. This is of course no obligation.


The first version of this article was written by Irene Boer.


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