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Baby massage is a massage for babies that is enjoyable for both the receiving and the giving parties.

Description of baby massage

Baby massage is a type of massage that is especially developed for babies. Baby massage uses touch as a way to connect to and to communicate with the baby. A moment that is used for baby massage can be a moment of undivided attention for the child, which stimulates the production of oxytocine and positively stimulates the attachment.

If practised the right way, baby massage can help to stimulate the blood circulation and to lessen tension and stress, and could for example also diminish the discomfort that is felt as a result of cramps.

History of baby massage

Different courses in baby massage go back to Shantala, the full body massage for babies that is practised in India on a daily basis.

Every day baby massage

In order for baby massage to be successful it is important to pick the right time for the massage. A child should not be hungry, but it should also not be too full. Massaging when a baby has fever is not a good idea. Also, the temperature in the space needs to be right. Touches should be soft and gentle and it is very important to watch the signals of the baby.

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