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All article pages have basically the same lay-out. Articles can be written according to the following section headings. Not all headings are applicable to all articles. Articles should be of a neutral and descriptive nature, written in carefully worded yet informal language.


Articles begin with the definition of a term. For example: "Ultrasound imaging (or Obstetric ultrasonography) is a technique which, inter alia, is used to examine the fetus for specific properties, abnormalities, or location."


After the definition follows the description. This description elaborates on the term defined in the introduction. For example: “Meconium has a dark green or black colour and is very sticky. By taking the first nutrition, the intestinal tract of the baby will be stimulated. During the first three days, meconium will come out. Eventually the colour of the stool will get lighter and wetter, until it consists entirely of digested milk.”


If desired you can elaborate on the history of the subject of the article. For example, if your subject is obstetrics, you could give some information on obstetrics in historic times here.

Practical application for parents to be or new parents

After the theoretical part of the article it is important for new parents to know how to apply this knowledge. An article on vitamin D could be accompanied by a description of the significance of vitamin D for the development of children between 0 and 4 years old, the general guidelines for the use of supplementary vitamin D, how practices differ between various countries and the origin of these differences.


All information should be based as much as possible on (scientific) publications.

External links

Refer to additional information by citing relevant external links.


We explicitly state the name of the author of the first draft of the article.


To enhance the searchability of the article we add keywords that are not literally mentioned in the text, but that could have been used as well, for example synonyms. In this way people using a synonymous search term will still find the article.

Link to article in a different language

Babypedia attempts to publish all articles in both Dutch and English. Below the article a reference can be added to the same article in a different language. This is done by inserting the following text in combination with a reference to the language in the form of a flag:

Flag of the United Kingdom Read this article in English: Title of the article

In code: [[Bestand:UK_flag.jpg|Flag of the United Kingdom|40px]] Read this article in English: Title of the article


NL vlag.jpg Lees dit artikel in het Nederlands: Naam van het artikel

In code: [[File:NL_vlag.jpg|40px]] Lees dit artikel in het Nederlands: Naam van het artikel


At the end of the article it is classed into one or more categories. This enhances the searchability of the article.

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